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"The awesome of M.P.A.T. is that you can handle more than one pet in one QR code..."

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We devolp software for animal Safety

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Function Pet-QR Implants Classic Tag
More than one animal in one QR code
Size and visibility
Cloud data available
Update data anytime / anywere
It's not invasive to the pet body
Clinic History available
An account with unlimited codes
A lots of contact methods
Could be restore, unlimited downloads
No shipping needed, instant delivered
You could add an custom message before print it
You could add a video from YouTube telling his story
You could add a map at the backside of the tag
Different sizes for different uses
Could be transfer to other user no matter the distance
Public database with lost pet but without contact info DB
Out of the box
Already have an account? Try it for 30 days After this period, the QR code it's going to be deleted

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