• See all Data
    You can see all data, including basics, medical, contact and more, it is the same way that any person who find your pets it's gona read it.
  • Modify cloud data
    Pretty descriptive,every thing you want to change it's on this action icon, profile image, video(from Youtube) data and backside image (map).
  • Delete option
    An action icon who let you delete a QR code if you want, we don't recommend this action, if you don't want to store any more a QR code, just transfer it to another user.
  • Transfer code
    Transfer code
  • Change design of the central logo.
  • Create a DB alert, adding your pet into the DB when he lost.
Influences when read a QR code
  • Distance of reading
  • Size of the QR code
  • Bits Volume (Quantity of black dots)
  • Printed Quality
  • Background color
  • Error level
  • Read in relation 1/10, so if the size is 3 cm, just read at no more than 30 cm.
  • Better results printing from 3 cm and upper
  • Lower density of bits
  • Try to stay with blank image as a background
  • Try to No never exced 30% of error level